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Tom Arnold on BTLS: Putin has something on Trump

Friday morning actor, Tom Arnold called in to the nationally syndicated Bubba The Love Sponge radio show to discuss the various projects he’s promoting.
Not long into the conversation Tom begins speaking about President-elect Trump who is someone Tom has known for “over 30 years”. They begin discussing a password protected Vimeo video which was sent to Arnold from a member of ‘The Apprentice’ TV show’s production crew.
Photo by Gremly Media – © Gremly Media
Tom has mentioned this tape in previous interviews but went into more detail on this occasion. In the video Arnold claims that it shows the then TV star, Trump call his son Eric a “Retard”. Arnold claimed that Eric Trump was at one point “thrown out of the family” and when insulted by his father, Arnold claimed to have tried to console the son (Eric Trump).
Arnold claims later in ‘The Apprentice’ video Mr. Trump uses the “N word” referring to a group of people standing in a particular spot. Arnold stated that he’s encouraged the creator of the tape make it public and even offered to put it out himself but the alleged tape creator/editor fears for his family as well as legal ramifications stemming the production company and it’s non-disclosure agreements.
Arnold then went on to discuss his concerns about Donald Trump and Russia which he’s had since 2013.
Arnold: “In 2013, at the miss universe pageant, this is what happened, he was there, a guy that I know who financed a movie I did (Arnold), who’s a business partner of his (Trump’s), who’s a friend of Putin’s, had a party for him. Here’s what happened, I promise you they filmed it, I promise you Putin’s holding it over him. I said that all Fall.”
Bubba: “So you’re saying Putin’s got a tape on him as well”
Arnold: “Right”
You can listen to the full segment above.