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001-B Ben Ingber, UrbanGeekCNY.com – Matt’s Modern World

Welcome to the first ever episode of Matt’s Modern World.  Your host: Matthew G. Masur, founder and CEO of Venturetechnica, a technology and new media services firm based in Syracuse NY.

This podcast was recorded during an all day live launch event. Episode 001 will consist of multiple parts as we recorded over 7 hours of content with a variety of guests in studio throughout the day. 

Episode 001 Parts: 


This is Part: B

Blogger Ben Ingber joins, Matt Masur live in the Venturetechnica studio to talk tech. Learn about Ben’s blog: UrbanGeekCNY.com, the latest “gadgets” from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and a Blackberry discussion that shouldn’t be missed.

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BlackBerry Panics, Cuts Price of the Torch, Its Supposed Savior | Fast Company

Bad news for BlackBerry fans (and, I suppose, BlackBerry’s parent company, RIM): Sales of the company’s newest, best, and most optimistic phone are so lousy that RIM has been forced to slash the price only a week after launch.

RIM may have the biggest smartphone market share in North America, but the Canadian company hasn’t had a bonafide hit in some time–and that becomes a real problem when you consider the legions of huge-selling competitors, including the iPhone 4, HTC Evo 4G, HTC Droid Incredible, and Motorola Droid X. The new BlackBerry Torch, the first phone to run RIM’s “revamped” BlackBerry OS 6, was supposed to be that device that revitalized the company, but it just didn’t happen.

via BlackBerry Panics, Cuts Price of the Torch, Its Supposed Savior | Fast Company.