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Tip of the Day: Don’t Send an Intern to do an Expert’s Job




By now most business owners understand that social media, internet marketing and search engine optimization will help to grow their business. The problem is, most business owners aren’t web or social media experts. Even those that are technically skilled don’t have the time to invest in all the different things that are involved in a strong online presence.


Most companies ponder their options and conclude that additional help and some investment is required. The question then becomes who and how? Larger corporations have studied the effectiveness of this technology and its associated social trends and they have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in it. They hire top web and social media experts at annual salaries ranging from $50k-$150k per year or more!


Small business owners don’t have the resources to invest this much in their online world. In many cases small business owners aren’t totally sure that an investment in this area will pay off. This causes owners to take an understandably conservative approach. They know they need someone but they can’t justify the budget to hire skilled full time employees.  So what is the company to do? Hire an intern.


Business owners will run out and advertise “Wanted: Social Media Intern”. They will write a job description looking for someone with a college degree and a strong social media background. Then they will offer $10-12/hr for 30 hours or less per week.


Let’s think about all that for a moment…

  • For many companies online marketing has out performed traditional print, tv and radio. You are going to trust an unskilled intern, fresh from college to manage this potential gold mine?
  • What about the potential nightmare of this inexperienced fellow doing damage to your brand by putting out something inaccurate or even offensive?
  • Are you sure that what they refer to as their “strong social media background” is more about business and less about posting drunk pics after each frat party?
  • Are you ok with the fact that the person handling this area of your business is only available to you some of the time?
  • Are you ok with the fact that this is most likely a short term employee and you will have to find someone else to take over this effort every few months?


What if I told you there was a way to hire an expert who is available almost anytime for a cost LESS than a part-time intern?


The most cost effective solution for many small businesses and organizations is to hire a web manager. I will use my company as an example but please know that there are many firms and professionals offering the same type of service.


After you pay the hourly rate, taxes, insurances and other costs required to have an employee your low cost intern can easily cost you $1100-$1500 per month or more. Meanwhile top level management services start at only $700-$900 per month.


The biggest difference between an intern and a professional web manager or management firm is that this is what we do. All day, everyday. Like it’s our job. Because it is! This isn’t something we are experimenting with or just learning about. Building business, building online reputations, providing leads to new clients and better sales is all that we do. And most of us are pretty good at it!

Try to find a service with straight forward pricing. Be cautious of hourly services as they can add up quickly.  Also, watch out for additional fees that can be charged for add-on services.

Find a professional you can reach easily on the phone, chat or email. Make sure you get along with them and be sure you can easily communicate in a comfortable way. The easier you can discuss your goals and concerns the better they will be addressed.

Save yourself some money and get a better return on your investment at the same time. Be sure to investigate all your options. If you do your chances of online success are huge!








Tip of the Day: Social Media is the new Email


For the longest time I used to think of facebook, twitter and the others as a marketing means. I post something and my audience takes it in. Much like traditional radio, tv, etc. marketing. The benefit being the possibility of my post going viral thus multiplying my marketing reach for no cost to me.

Truthfully it is all that but, it’s not only that. In addition to a marketing method it’s also a communication tool. It’s a way for your customers or potential customers to reach you and ask a question. It’s a way for you to reach other professionals and do business.

In the past I’ve always considered traditional email to be the only legit electronic method to conduct business. This is no longer the case. I realized it this week when I stepped back and saw that via Social Media not email I had worked with clients, lawyers, and business consultants.

My tip for you is to embrace these mediums, and stay on top of them.  The more places you are available to potential clients and business connections the quicker your business will grow.


Shameless plug: With the Web & Social Media Management service we offer here at FouriMedia.com we keep the lines of communication open ensuring you don’t miss a connection. We also manage and grow all of your networks for maximum reach. This way your business can harness the power of social media while you are focused on running it. Best yet, our service which is provided by full time internet experts comes at a cost which is less that it costs to employ an unskilled intern in your office. Contact us today to learn more


Tip of the Day: Link your accounts for ease of posting


One of the major challenges with maintaining a strong social media presence is keeping up with all the different networks.

One way to make life much less complicated is to link your accounts. One example here is linking your twitter account to your Facebook account. This way whenever you post to twitter it will also show up on your Facebook page.

You can take this one step further and connect your blog to your twitter account. That way when you post a blog it tells twitter who tells Facebook and all you had to do was hit publish (or send or whatever) once!

To link your Twitter to Facebook: 

  1. Login to Twitter
  2. Go to settings
  3. Click on Profile (on the left)
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the login/connect to Facebook button
  5. Click that button and follow the prompts to connect your accounts

Now when you tweet you will also be posting to Facebook!

You can also go the other way and connect your Facebook account to Twitter so when you post on FB it will tweet for you.

To Connect Facebook to Twitter: 

  1. Login to Facebook
  2. Go here: facebook.com/twitter
  3. On that page you will see all your pages and profiles – Simply click “link” for the one you want to connect
  4. Follow the prompts to authorize the connection

Now when you post on Facebook it will also be tweeted!




Tip of the Day: Engagement Matters


One of the most important things you can do to build and maintain your social media presence is to stay highly engaged.

Engagement means posting on a regular basis. It also means interacting with your audience. You don’t need to have page long conversations but you should take the time to recognize those who take the time to interact with you. The truth is their interaction with you is helping to build your brand. Thank them for that.

A one line reply saying thanks or even just an acknowledgement of a follower’s interaction can go a long way. It makes the follower feel special and it shows the world that you are interested in what your followers (Clients) have to say.