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Podcasting Summed Up in 3 mins

What is podcasting? What’s it all about?

I could go into a deep explanation of how podcasts are downloadable audio shows typically based around very specific niches. I could go on and on about the “second golden age of audio”… blah blah blah.

Rather than all that check out this clip from the TV show, The Middle. It’s all about Brick’s “Fontcast” (a podcast about fonts).

Before you think that’s too far fetched I should point out there is an actual podcast called the “fontcast”. 

Here it is, everything you ever wondered about a podcast in one 3 min video:

Rethinking Unpopular: Erika Napoletano at TEDxBoulder VIDEO


The great thing about social media is that it facilitates a good conversation. While our primary focus is to use social media for marketing purposes for our clients it’s also become an avenue for professional development, inspiration and personal growth.


Case in point: Today via the magic of twitter I discovered @Redheadwriting (a.k.a. Erika Napoletano). Erika is not only a speaker but a marketing consultant and professional writer. Her brand of shameless honesty with a side of vulgarity is refreshing to me. It’s inspiring  because it breaks typical business norms and taboos. Social media / new media marketing is all about breaking from traditional business practices.  That is part of it’s appeal to me. I believe Erika’s advice on being honest even if it means being unpopular should be a core class in the new-school of marketing and brand building.


Learn more about Erika at her website: http://erikanapoletano.com


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