Matt Masur | Tip of the Day: Social Media is the new Email
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Tip of the Day: Social Media is the new Email

24 Jan Tip of the Day: Social Media is the new Email

For the longest time I used to think of facebook, twitter and the others as a marketing means. I post something and my audience takes it in. Much like traditional radio, tv, etc. marketing. The benefit being the possibility of my post going viral thus multiplying my marketing reach for no cost to me.

Truthfully it is all that but, it’s not only that. In addition to a marketing method it’s also a communication tool. It’s a way for your customers or potential customers to reach you and ask a question. It’s a way for you to reach other professionals and do business.

In the past I’ve always considered traditional email to be the only legit electronic method to conduct business. This is no longer the case. I realized it this week when I stepped back and saw that via Social Media not email I had worked with clients, lawyers, and business consultants.

My tip for you is to embrace these mediums, and stay on top of them.  The more places you are available to potential clients and business connections the quicker your business will grow. Many businesses use seo marketing services to promote their business even more.

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