Matt Masur | Tip of the Day: Use WordPress Update Services to Increase SEO
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Tip of the Day: Use WordPress Update Services to Increase SEO

22 Jan Tip of the Day: Use WordPress Update Services to Increase SEO


Many people know that blogging is a great way to build your brand and increase SEO for your site and business. WordPress blogs are particularly good at this because they conform to design standards that make it easy for the search engines to catalog them.

Loading up your blog posts with keywords and links help this effort. Additionally, one of the best and most common sense ways to drive traffic to your site is to get the link to your post out to the world for users to find.

In today’s modern Social Media world a common way to get your link out is to share it across Facebook, Twitter and your other social networks. With luck that will be re-posted or re-tweeted and your link/post will be shared with an even larger audience.  There are also the old school ways of getting your links out there. Posting links to your post on other blogs, sites or forums have always been good ways to drive traffic to your post.

Remember, the more links out on the net that point back to you the better your search ranking will be.

The above described manual methods of getting your links out there are great but, WordPress in particular has a great built-in way to updateautomate some link sharing as well.

This is done using the “Update Services” feature which comes standard with WordPress. What Update Services will do is “ping” a number of services and provide them with a link to your post. It does this automatically when you publish your post and requires no additional work on your part once it’s initially configured.

To enable/configure Update Services in WordPress: 

  1. Login to your WordPress Admin area
  2. Go to Settings > Writing 
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find “Update Services”
  4. Paste the following update services in to the box:

5. Click Save


Now when you post all those sites will be informed and your link will appear in multiple places across the net. You will soon see your search engine rankings grow with every post!

Tell us your Update Services experiences in the comments below!


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