Matt Masur | 001-G Olivia Hammond, Icy Clean LLC – Matt’s Modern World
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001-G Olivia Hammond, Icy Clean LLC – Matt’s Modern World

14 Jan 001-G Olivia Hammond, Icy Clean LLC – Matt’s Modern World

Welcome to the first ever episode of Matt’s Modern World.  Your host: Matthew G. Masur, founder and CEO of Venturetechnica, a technology and new media services firm based in Syracuse NY.

This podcast was recorded during an all day live launch event. Episode 001 will consist of multiple parts as we recorded over 7 hours of content with a variety of guests in studio throughout the day. 

Episode 001 Parts: 


This is Part:  G

Matt Masur and co-host Lekia K. Hill are joined in the Venturetechnica studios Olivia Hammond CEO of Icy Clean LLC, an amazing local dry-ice restoration company. Olivia explains how this cool (pun intended) business helps restore vintage buildings, remove fire damage and clean just about anything.

More about Icy Clean: Dry Ice Blasting is a safe, green and effective way to clean and prepare many types of surfaces.
Services Include: Commercial Mold Remediation, Smoke & Fire Remediation, Graffiti Mitigation, Stone & Masonry Restoration, Commercial Equipment Cleaning, Industrial Equipment Cleaning, Food Equipment Cleaning, Automotive and Heavy Machinery Cleaning and Degreasing, General Surface Preparation & Cleaning and Historical Preservation.

Be sure to listen to the other podcasts from our live all day episode 001 kickoff event!

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