Matt Masur | About Matt Masur
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About Matt Masur

MatthMattew G. Masur has been a longtime technology specialist and serial entrepreneur.

Matt’s current full time roll is as the CEO of Venturetechnica, a technology firm he founded based in Syracuse NY.

Matthew’s passion for all things technical started with his first computer, a brand new Tandy

1000TX that he got for Christmas back at age 5. At the age of 14 Matthew started working in a local computer  store where he learned as much about business as he did about computers. At age 18 he started his first computer services company and it all grew from there. Fast forward almost 20 years from that first job, Matthew has an impressive resume of successful business ventures, community involvement, special projects and extensive professional technology experience in the areas of education, government, healthcare, manufacturing, small business & new media.

Matt Masur with Congressman John Katko

Matt Masur interviewing US Congressman John Katko in the Venturetechnica Studios


In recent years Matt added “Podcast host” to his resume with the launch of the “Matt’s Modern World” podcast which was produced and broadcast from the Venturetechnica studios.


In 2016 Matt became an on-air personality as the host of the Matt Masur Show which broadcasts live on 315Live.FM and Bubba Army Radio weekly.

Matt is available for business technology consultations and speaking engagements. Contact Matt for details!