Matt Masur | New Media Marketing Strategy
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New Media Marketing Strategy

You have heard about businesses taking off and growing by using the internet 

You have heard about things “going viral” through the use of Social Media

You know that these new services and technologies could help your business 

…But, do you know HOW to make these things work?


This is where we come in!

We will work with you to create a detailed, custom strategy tailored to your specific ad campaign, product, service or business as a whole.

To create the strategy we will research your business both in general and in your local area, we will interview you (typically via phone) to learn more about your business as well as your needs and exceptions.

We will then combine that with proven social media / new media marketing techniques and generate a plan for your success.

The strategy will detail: 

    • Which social media / new media services to use
    • How to build friends/followers to grow your audience
    • How to maintain a strong, ongoing social media presence
    • What real world (non-online) things you can implement to help build your online presence
    • Basic market comparison detailing the best ways to take on your competition


What are the next steps once the strategy is complete? 

The strategy is a detailed, customized set of  recommendations that can quickly be turned into an action plan. You can take that plan and execute it yourself or you can further contract with us to do some or all of it for you.

You are under no obligation to use our services in fact, you are even welcome to take our plan to someone else and have them execute it.

We are all about customer loyalty.  Customers who purchase this service will receive a discount on any additional services we perform for you for up to 12 months!

This service is offered for a flat, no nonsense price of $349

By purchasing any product or service you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions