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Full Presence Management – Web, Blog, E-Commerce, Social Media, Advertising

I don’t have time to manage My Website, Online Store, Twitter account, Facebook page, YouTube channel, Google profile, WordPress blog, and my other social media services. – Business Owner

…That’s okay, we’ll do it for you! 




We offer full web and social media management services. We will tailor our services to your needs and budget.





Each client is assigned their own dedicated Internet Manager who is based in the United States. This manager will be available to you during business hours and after! Our managers have years of experience in the web and new media world. We have the skills and a proven track record of making the Internet work for business.


Best of all, even our most expensive service is offered to you at LESS than the cost of hiring a part-time,  unskilled intern in your office! Don’t waste your money. Invest in us to maintain and grow your internet presence. We are confident that you will find that working with us provides a better return on investment (ROI) than any other marketing effort available today!


Internet Management Service Packages

Choose from our most popular packages below or Contact Us to build a custom package to meet your needs!

Business Builder Management Service

Brand Builder Management Service

Profit Builder Management Service

[toggle title=”Website Management”]We will manage and maintain all functions of your website and do our best to keep it secure.

  • Manage Featured Items, Promotions, Ads
  • Add/Remove/Change Static Web Pages
  • Creation of campaign specific landing pages
  • Install and Maintain Updates including WordPress Updates and Security Patches


1  hour per week 2 hours per week 4 hours per week
[toggle title=”Blog Updates – You Provide”]

We will post blogs or news stories you provide. All posts will be keyword, Search Engine and Social Media optimized.[/toggle]

5 per week 5 per week 5 per week

[toggle title=”Blog Updates – We Provide”]Don’t have time to write? That’s ok, we do!

We can provide custom written or publicly available news and blogs to post on your site. This way you can engage your audience without having to be a full time journalist.

All posts will be provided to you for approval before going live.[/toggle]

3 per week

[toggle title=”Custom Photo Galleries”]

Photo galleries are a very popular way to show off events, projects or products. At the same time, they can be tricky to implement.

All you need to do is provide us with the images and let us know where you would like it on your site.

The result will be high quality, professional looking galleries created quickly.[/toggle]

2 per month 3 per week 3 per week

[toggle title=”Facebook Page – Posts”]To make Facebook work you have to engage your “fans” by posting.

We offer:

  • Automatic promotion of blog posts
  • Scheduled Posts to maximize effectiveness
  • On demand (You call us, we post)
  • All posts are optimized for maximum attention[/toggle]
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

[toggle title=”Facebook Ads Management”]Advertising on Facebook is a great way to promote your business. We can handle it all for you.

Note: Advertising costs paid to Facebook are not included in monthly service fees. We can work with you to create an advertising plan that fits your budget.

We will create the ads, schedule them, track their performance and provide ongoing optimization.[/toggle]

Unlimited Unlimited

[toggle title=”Twitter – Posts”]To make Twitter work you have to engage your “followers” by tweeting.

We offer:

  • Automatic promotion of blog posts
  • Scheduled Tweets to maximize effectiveness
  • On demand (You call us, we tweet)
  • All tweets are optimized for maximum attention
  • Use of hashtags and mentions will be implemented where possible


Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

[toggle title=”Twitter – Grow Followers”]We will employ proven techniques to grow your audience.

The bigger your audience the more potential clients you will have the opportunity to engage with.[/toggle]


[toggle title=”YouTube Channel Management”]We will manage all aspects of your YouTube Channel

  • Custom Background / Profile design
  • Video title and description optimization
  • Management of any monetized videos
  • Promotion of your video
  • Monthly Performance Reports[/toggle]
Included Included

[toggle title=”YouTube Video Processing”]Send us the raw video and we will:

  • Perform simple edits
  • Add Titles
  • Add Soundtrack
  • Post to YouTube
  • Optimize Title and Description
  • Promote video on other networks[/toggle]
1 per month 1 per week

[toggle title=”Google+ Profile Posts”]To make Google+ work you have to engage your “circles” by posting.We offer:

  • Automatic promotion of blog posts
  • Scheduled Posts to maximize effectiveness
  • On demand (You call us, we post instantly)
  • All posts are optimized for maximum attention[/toggle]


[toggle title=”Google Ad Campaign Management”]Advertising on Google is a great way to promote your business. We can handle it all for you.

Note: Advertising costs paid to Google are not included in monthly service fees. We can work with you to create an advertising plan that fits your budget.

We will create the ads, schedule them, track their performance and provide ongoing optimization.[/toggle]

included Included

[toggle title=”Social Interaction”]Posting is great but interacting with your friends, fans, followers is a very important part of a successful social media strategy.We will:

  • Interact with fans/followers
  • Answer questions
  • Thank users for positive comments
  • Relay business related questions (Leads) to you [/toggle]
Facebook, Twitter Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
[toggle title=”Analytics / Reports on all Efforts”]

It’s good to know how your efforts and our services are doing.We will provide monthly reports detailing the performance of your site, posts, social media stats and much much more.[/toggle]

Included Included Included

[toggle title=”Connection and Integration of Website and Social Networks”]There are many ways that your tools can work together to work for you.

We will make sure that you website, blog, Facebook  twitter and other services are all connected.

This will maximize the reach and unify your message across all outlets.[/toggle]

Included Included Included

[toggle title=”Comment Spam / Reputation Management”]The great part about the internet is that everyone has a voice. The bad part about the internet is that everyone has a voice.We will monitor your services and provide our best efforts to block and remove spam, vulgarity, and negative comments.

We can also work to defend you against inaccurate comments. We will provide proof to refute incorrect, negative claims where applicable, under your direction.[/toggle]

Included Included

[toggle title=”Email Mailing List Management”]

Email marketing is still one of the best methods to reach your customers directly.We will help you build a good, valid mailing list to support this effort.[/toggle]


[toggle title=”Email Newsletter Creation and Distribution”]Once you have a good email list you need to use it! We will create high quality HTML style emails and send them to your list(s).

These can be used as newsletters with points of interest or as marketing messages promoting a sale or new item.We handle all bounced messages and unsubscriptions.[/toggle]

2 per month

[toggle title=”Social Media Contests”]A great way to promote your social media efforts is to run a contest.

We will handle all the technical aspects of this type of activity.

  • Fan / Friend of the day Contest
  • Special promo code contests
  • hashtag contests
  • Special website landing page for contest[/toggle]
2 per month 2 per month 2 per month

[toggle title=”Website Backup”]

We will backup your website for disaster recovery and portability. Backups are stored in the cloud and will be provided for you to download at anytime.[/toggle]

Once per Month Twice per Month
[toggle title=”Social Media Archiving”]
We will make best efforts to archive all social media interactions on a monthly basis.These archives will be provided to you for download on a monthly basis.

  • Your Posts
  • Comments
  • Posts / Mentions by others
  • Images


Facebook, Twitter

[toggle title=”Website Tech Support”]Problem with your website? Is a customer not sure how to use a feature? We can help!

We offer email support for both you and your customers (depending on package) if they have any technical questions or issues.

Any business/product related questions will be forwarded to you.[/toggle]

Support for You Support You &Your Customers Support You &Your Customers

[toggle title=”Access to your Manager”]Upon becoming a client you will be assigned a dedicated Manager. This will be your go-to person for all your needs.

Under each package you will see the when and how you may reach your manager. [/toggle]

Email, Phone – Mon-Fri 9-5EST Excluding Holidays Email, Phone – Mon-Fri 9-5EST – Evenings, Weekends, Holidays – via Email Email, Phone, Text, Direct Cell Phone # 24/7/365

[toggle title=”Online Coordination with Real World Events”]Having a big holiday sale at your store? Do you suddenly have to close due to a power outage or other emergency?

We will coordinate your online presence to reflect what is going on in the non-virtual world.

  • Urgent messages posted on your website and social media about a surprise situation
  • Custom graphics or banners for a sale, promotion or other big event
  • Notices for planned business holidays[/toggle]
Included Included Included

[toggle title=”Online Store Management”]Are you selling your goods online? We offer a turnkey Online Store Management package.

Note: Because of the additional amount of time and work involved in managing an online store this service is only offered for an additional fee.These fees are for the ongoing management of the online store. Installation, initial configuration, hosting, security, payment processing costs are not included.

Included in Online Store Services:

  • Up to 50 Product add/remove/changes (You provide images, details)
  • Online Inventory Management
  • Sales Tax updates as rates, laws change
  • Shipping Option updates as services, rates change
  • Sale / Coupon management
    • Create custom coupon codes
    • Set product sale prices
    • Manage clearance items
    • Promote sales with social media
  • Online Store Tech Support for your Customers
    • Email / Phone support for any issue using the online store
    • Issues with products / services will be forwarded to you
  • Monthly Reports – Traffic, Sales
  • You will be invoiced separately for this service [/toggle]
+$299 month +$199 month +$99 Month

[toggle title=”Business Directory Listings – Update monthly”]Business Directory Listings seem to pop up all the time. These typically list all the businesses in a particular area. Their listing for the business is usually limited to what they find in public records.

We will conduct a search for your business once a month and update any and all directories we find with correct information and details on your business.

This includes but is not limited to Google Maps local business listings[/toggle]


[toggle title=”Web Forms Management”]Forms are a great way to collect information from your users.You can use forms as a basic contact method, customer request, survey, ordering, or any other information collection goal you may have.

We will create the forms, and implement them on your website in the area you designate.

You can receive instant email notification of form submissions and/or all submissions will be stored in a database which you have real time access to 24/7.

Once forms are created they can be used for as long as you like.[/toggle]

1 New Form per Month 1 New Form per Month 3 New Forms per Month
[toggle title=”Turn Around Time”]

The Maximum amount of time from when we receive your request/change/update to when we begin working on it.

While the maximum times are listed the typical turn around time for all requests is only a few hours. That of course, is subject to availability or workload at the time.

Note: The time reflected is for typical updates or changes. In an emergency or unexpected situation we will do everything possible to expedite your request as soon as possible no matter what level customer you are.

Please notify us as soon as possible for any updates, events or changes even if they don’t need to happen for a while. The earlier we have information the better we can plan and the more effective your efforts will be.[/toggle]

3 Business Days (Mon-Fri, Excluding Holidays) 2 Business Days (Mon-Fri, Excluding Holidays) 1 Week Day (Excluding Sundays & Holidays)

Business Builder Management Service

Brand Builder Management Service

Profit Builder Management Service

Package Price Per Month




Pre-Pay 6 Months

Save Over $150

Save Over $200

Save Over $500

Pre-Pay 12 Months*

Save Over $649

Save Over $750

Save Over $1350

* If you Pre-Pay for 12 Months of Management Service we’ll not only discount the monthly cost but, we’ll throw in our New Media Strategy Service ($349 Value) Free!!


Social Media Management services are tailored to your wants and budget. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you! 



By purchasing any product or service you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions